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Displays for hotels

Elevators in hotels have to satisfy high demands. They have to be fast, quiet and reliable, protect from unauthorised access and are supposed to match the style and elegance of the hotel. With flexyPage elevator displays your elevator can satisfy these demands. Use the large info displays for digital visitor welcoming in the foyer of your hotel to help your hotel guests’ orientate in the building and to inform them about special hotel services. Our information displays can be flexibly adapted to your needs and layout requirements thanks to the integrated software. The info displays can be used as welcome screens with or without a connection to the elevator.

flexyPage displays in a hotel lobby for welcoming hotel guests and elevator information

Communicate your hotel‘s brand

Vacations are the very special time of the year everyone is waiting for. Therefore, the atmosphere of your hotel should feel just as special as the vacation itself. Use our info screens to welcome your hotel guests and to communicate your hotel brand to create a contemporary digital customer experience in your hotel. Thanks to the integrated software, visual compositions of the display can be achieved by uploading background pictures. You can use the diashow widget to create a dynamic slide show with changing images is to represent your hotel and to create the desired atmosphere.

flexyPage multimedia display at elevator in a hotel

Got a bunch of activity offers?

Going on vacation is like going on an adventure. Your visitors discover a variety of food, sports, and the peculiarities of the region. With the use of a flexyPage display as a welcome screen, you can help your hotel guests to discover all activities and services of your hotel while pointing out the best offers of the week or the must-see places and events to make their vacation unforgettable! With our software flexyPage Campaign you can roll out different campaigns through all your displays. Place and time can be planned in advance.

flexyPage Display in a hotel elevator with multimedia and floor information

Navigate through your hotel

With a neat listing of the floors, rooms and hotel offers on the welcome screen in the foyer of your hotel, you help your guests to quickly find their way around the hotel and to make it easier for your hotel guests to explore all of your hotel services and specials. The widgets car call floor and car call tenant available in the integrated software programme, can be used for digital signage as a floor description in your hotel and/or as push buttons to call the elevator and to choose the desired floor via the touch display at the same time. Access restrictions to certain areas of the hotel is also possible with a flexyPage touch display via PIN code input.

flexyPage Campaign Software User Interface

Web-based configuration

flexyPage displays are equipped with an integrated web based Editor for the configuration of your display. This way, you only need a current web browser and a laptop, tablet or smartphone to adapt layout, content or interface parameters. Thanks to the configuration via the internet, adaptations are quickly made and time-consuming ways to change a USB flash drive are not necessary anymore.

Advantages with flexyPage information displays

Hotels often offer a variety of services to guests and conference attendees such as a bar, a restaurant, sometimes a wellness area or even a fitness center. Large info displays in the entrance area of your hotel in the elevator and in the waiting areas in front of elevators are ideal to inform hotel guests about all hotel offers and services in a modern and appealing way. Thanks to the web based configuration interface in the software of the flexyPage displays, all information of the displays can easily be adapted to the corporate identity of the hotel and to your individual needs via the internet - either from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Sample designs for hotels

Screen design for a hotel