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Screen designs

We provide different design packages for an ideal design for your needs.

flexyPage screen designs for elevators
A whole new user interface is created with a display in your elevator. It enables innovative ways of visual communication. In the field of screen design, layouts are created, which are crafted particularly for the visualisation of multimedia and interactive content in elevators and support the functions of the display applications.
A sound user experience (UX) is crucial for the successful use of such an innovative medium. A graphical user interface (GUI) helps to visualize the content well-structured and oriented on usability criteria and technological aspects. The user experience is composed of the expectations, perception and reaction of the user.
Important factors for a prolonged positive impression are comprehensible content, quick orientation and a visually appealing overall impression. 
Every flexyPage lift display already contains a standard design at delivery, which is ready for use in just a few steps. But since the site of application brings various demands, you can also choose from the many premium designs if you want to. These have been created specifically for different industries and already include the personalisation for your building. In addition, the flexyPage Editor allows you to easily create your own screen designs.
You don't feel very creative today? Then just commission our design department with your own individual screendesign.
standard package

Standard bundle


Use pre-defined designs, which are ready for use with just a few clicks: 

Chose the design, enter your building's specifications, synchronise, done!

Standard designs are free and already inluded in the web editor.


  • a professional design with the most important content
  •  quick and simple set-up
  • integrate your own content and information
premium package

Premium bundle


Chose from versatile screendesigns and find the right foundation for your next project. 

Three individual design adaptations by our team are included. You always stay in control about the content. 


  • a variety of professional designs, developed for real cases of application
  • you can change some details
  • integrate your own content and information
individual package

Individual bundle


This full service includes all steps up to the finished screendesign on your display. 

We consult you and together create a design geared to your special case of application. The aim is to not only combine aesthetics and functionality in the design, but create an added value for all users. .


  • wide choice of professional designs, developed for real application cases
  • you can change some details
  • integrate your own content and information