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Linked Displays

Often, in a project, several displays have to work as a group. In this case it is important that the displays can be linked together and the information of the sensors and of the building can be shared among all displays. A parallel wiring to every single display requires too much effort and limits the amount of possible signals.


Several displays in one lift with and without touch

The flexyPage displays are always equipped with a LAN-port. Via this port the configuration of the displays, as well as the connection to the internet and to the building automation is realised. In the displays, equipped with the display controller fel1A (starting at 10,1"), there are two 10/100 Mbit LAN-ports, which are coupled via an internal switch. This way, many displays can be connected as a chain very easily without the necessity of any further active external network components (switch/hub). This saves enormous costs in planning and realization of connected display systems.


Furthermore, the flexyPage displays include a CANopen-interface to connect to lifts, to query sensors and to communicate with each other.

If the displays are deployed in a lift that already supports the CANopen standard, complete information about the lift is available without extensive wiring. But even in older lifts this port offers many advantages. Here all displays can be connected to the bus wire very easily and the connection to the control can occur via a single I/O module for all signals. It is even possible to use the market-common sensors independently from the control.

With the CAN bus it is possible to transmit real-time-capable messages. This makes it ideally suited to synchronize various processes in various displays, for example, for the reproduction of multimedia data on several displays.


We implented a CAN / LAN gateway into the flexyPage displays and can therefore tunnel the data from CAN networks through an intranet or the internet.

This simplifies the mounting. In many situations it is possible to use existing installations and less cable has to be wired. The detailed distance diagnosis up to the field bus level or the connection to other elements of the building automation is easily possible as well.



cross-linking several displays in a lift