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flexyPage displays can be used for all types of elevators in a wide variety of applications. Read more about the different applications of flexyPage displays on elevators here.

Maintenance information and statistic

Elevator maintenance

The presentation of usage data (number of trips + operating hours) and the dates of the last maintenance and planned technical inspection inform operators, users and service technicians about the use of the elevator.

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flexyPage display in a car elevator

Car elevator

flexyPage displays can also be used as an entry aid for car elevators. Visual and acoustic instructions help the driver to position his vehicle inside the elevator cabin.

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Trapped persons

Case of fire + interference with locked persons

In the case of a fire or a human confined incident, the displays can automatically display the position of the car in the shaft and the current load, important information that can speed up exemption.

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Energiebedarf und Rückspeisung für Aufzüge

Energy consumption of elevators

Both the current power and the consumed and regenerated energy of the elevator can be dynamically represented by flexyPage displays in the form of bars, pointer instruments or discrete values.

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video stream in a firefighter elevators

Firefighter elevators

The elevator displays can be used in conjunction with network cameras to dynamically display the situation in the elevator or floors in the event of fire, fire brigade and evacuation.

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Smart COP display

Smart COP display

Through the connections for the components in the cabin panel, the flexyPage displays are particularly suitable as smart COP displays. 

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Floors in tall buildings on flexyPage lift displays

Car position in tall buildings

The flexyPage stretched displays with their special aspect ratios are particularly suitable for dynamically displaying the position of the elevator car in a tall building, such as a TV tower.

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Tenant information at an elevator display

Digital tenant directories

With flexyPage displays, the visitors of a building can be informed in a modern and stylish way about the residents and tenants floor-related. The tenant information and floor occupancy can be easily adjusted via the Internet also by the lift owner.

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Animation of the cabin position Inclined elevators

Inclined elevators

The flexyPage multimedia displays for elevators can be used to display the movement of an elevator car in an inclined elevator in the form of an animated graphic.

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Video stream for underfloor elevators

Underfloor elevator

In the case of an underfloor elevator, it is important to know whether there are people or objects on the cover of the lift before you approach this floor. The flexyPage displays can automatically switch to the camera image during a trip to the roof and display the situation on the cover.

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Destination calls

Destination dispatch

More and more often you will find modern elevators, in which destination dispatch systems are used. Especially in buildings with high user traffic, the use of modern systems is worthwhile.

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digital window in an elevator

Digital windows with position dependent videos

The application 'digital window' in an elevator is realized when a video is displayed depending on the position and the speed of the elevator car. This creates the impression that you are looking out of a window while driving a lift.

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Do you need a regularly updated meal plan in your elevator? And does this process take a lot of time to implement? Our flexyPage displays are the perfect solution for you!

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Due to the connection to the elevator, flexyPage displays can send various calls to the lift controller. With our touch displays of DM-Line, calls, like floor wishes, priority rides, PIN Pad or special calls can be exported.

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Digital signage

flexyPage displays are also used in the field of digital signage. They can be used, for example, as dashboards for office buildings, for signage in airports or as an advertising platform.

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Floor indicator, arrows, special texts and voice announcement

The floor indicators (inside and outside the elevator) can be designed individually. So that it matches the whole appearance of the elevator or building, which makes it looks modern and inviting.

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Elevator car operation panel (COP) - touch 

Because of its extraordinary formats and aspect ratios, the flexyPage Stretched displays are especially suitable for elevator applications. The special construction form of these multimedia displays uses the space of the wall panels and can also be installed vertically in door frames.

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Suggestions for further applications can be found in the Widget descriptions