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Tenant directories

Digital tenant directories and exchange tenant information flexibly via the internet

flexyPage displays are ideal for use in an elevator car or as an outdoor screen in front of an elevator to provide tenants of a building with a modern and stylish way to list occupants by floor. This is particularly suitable for residential and office buildings, such as modern CoWorking spaces, where tenants change frequently because tenant information and flooring can be easily shared via the Internet.

In the flexyPage Editor, building operators can update the tenant directory at any time via laptop, tablet or smartphone by logging into the software via a simple browser. Thus, when moving out or moving into a building, the name of the tenant/resident or the logo of the company can simply be exchanged via the Internet. Colours, fonts and other style elements can also be easily adapted to the style of the building or the corporate identity of the company in the flexyPage Editor.


flexyPage Tenants

Tenant directories central management

With the new feature flexyPage Tenants (an extension of our flexyPage Campaign software), it is possible to manage tenant directories centrally. An application example for this central administration is the use of several displays as floors and car displays for a group of elevators. Here, over 10 displays can be installed, which should show the same content. If a tenant changes, this should be adapted quickly and centrally without having to log in to each individual display.

The info button for the tenant directory

In buildings with many floors, there are usually also many tenants, companies or departments. To inform visitors, tenant directories are often displayed or 'stuck' in the elevators. If a graphic elevator display is available, this can also be used to display the tenant directory. With small displays, however, there is usually not enough space to show the lift information and the tenant directory at the same time. The info button can help here. 
Tableau mit Infotaste für Mieterverzeichnis
Car operation panel in an elevator with many floors and small graphic displays 
Infotaste für Mieterverzeichnis
The tenant directory (or other building-relevant information) can be displayed by pressing the info button. When the button is released, the lift information is automatically displayed again. 
With the networked flexyPage displays, the tenant directory and other multimedia information can be conveniently managed via the Internet. 
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V-Line displays for tenants overview

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Digital building directory on our flexyPage V-Line display

In this video, you can see an example screen design for a V-Line display that, despite its size, includes a resident directory and multimedia. The touch function makes it possible to switch through different levels. In addition to the tenant directory and multimedia, this screen design also includes an overview of elevator maintenance.

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Resident overviews for elevators