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Displays for shopping centers

In large department stores and shopping centers it is important for visitors that they can quickly get an overview. Customers want to be able to detect the location of their favourite brands in the building with just a glance.

flexyPage displays offer the possibility to provide a neat aid to orientation already inside the lift. This can easily be adapted to often changing vendors and is flexibly configurable to your requirements and style.

lift display with floor plan

Advertising on the go

Take the opportunity to display advertisements and current tenants’ offers depending on the chosen floor. Additionally you can add a floor plan, so the visitors can find the location in an instant. This function is offered by the Floorinfo[v2] widget. With the help of this, the visitors will also find their way in no time once they get hungry. Use the widget Diashow[basic] to promote daily offers of restaurants and snackbars in the lift. Combined with the timer control the advertisement can be limited to defined occasions.

lift display with slideshow

Convey your corporate identity

You want your visitors to look your store up online? Use the Diashow[basic] widget to preview the most recent or useful content on your website and get them curious for more. Furthermore, the screen design of the display can reflect the elegance and style of your website. This adds to your recognition value by presenting a consistent yet dynamic appearance on all channels and even though you display advertisements of the brands you house, your own brand will be distinctive.

lift display with floors secured via PIN code

Please enter the PIN

Access to different areas of the building should be limited? With the PINpad-function of flexyPage displays, the access to certain floors can be restricted with the help of a PIN code. This function can also be combined with a timing control. This way, for example, when you are closing, visitors or employees can still get down to the parking garage to leave but not up into the store anymore. Thanks to the timer this works fully automated.

Our display recommendation for shopping centers

For the use in department stores or shopping centers we recommend displays with a size of at least 54,5 cm (21,5”) for the depiction of vendors and service providers. If you want to display a site plan with all the stores or animated advertisements, the chosen displays should have a size of at least 81 cm (32”).

Sample designs for shopping centers

Screen designs for a shopping mall