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Doctor’s offices

The flexyPage displays are also used in doctor’s offices as digital dashboards. Thanks to its high functionality and its remote accessibility you can use it as a communication channel between the office team and patients. Prestige advertising, important information about medical check-ups, or relaxed nature videos - you determine the content.

CMS flexyPage Campaign - Digital Signage for medical practices

Content care for you or an external agency

The CMS flexyPage Campaign makes it possible to set up content via laptop or tablet easily. You or your external marketing agency can switch your files with a few mouse clicks.

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Corporate Design

Fit with your corporate design

The individual screen designs are a special service of flexyPage. Our design team creates your screen design based on our customer request. In this way, we can create something special, which fits perfectly with your corporate or interior design.

Information for patients

Building up trust

Use your patient’s time in the waiting room or reception usefully. With targeted campaigns such as employee introduction or important information slides, you create trust, inform and distract your patients from the annoying waiting time.

Hardware for Dashboard

All you need

For our flexyPage dashboards, you only need a commercial monitor, our display controller, and a flexyPage Campaign account. We will gladly send you an offer!

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Hygiene rules


Hygiene rules communicate easily

Over the past year, we have learned that hygiene rules in public life can change quickly and rapid communication must therefore be guaranteed. Communicate the current hygiene rules with your flexyPage dashboard and exchange them quickly and easily if necessary.