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Displays for freight lifts

Freight lifts do not only have a different nominal load than passenger lifts, they also differ in equipment. While passenger lifts are focusing on the design among other aspects, freight lifts mostly need to be robust. Depending on the industry and usage they often need additional special equipment such as a call and send control for the transport of chemicals.

Close-up of the lift status on the upper display

Visualisation of lift information

Information about the current location and direction of movement are taken for granted. In addition, date and time are also part of the standard and can be displayed in different languages and country-specific formats.

Close-up of the load in digits on the upper display

Precise load information

Especially in freight lifts there is often a need for displaying the current load as absolute value in the cabin as well as on the floor. Our flexyPage displays can directly depict the measured values of load sensors from various manufacturers. An overview of sensors can be found on CANopen-Lift.org. Independent of the current control system of the lift, it can always be upgraded with this solution.

Close-up on the status information on the display

Special text for special applications

Aside from the standard status reports such as 'out of order' or 'overload', flexyPage displays can display more than 127 different freely definable special texts to inform the user about every possible operation situation.

All information on the floor display

For freight lifts there is often more information needed on the floor displays than they usually provide (e.g. depiction of operation modes such as 'transport of chemicals' or 'loading in process'). With the flexyPage system you can freely adapt which information and functions should be available outside of the cabin.

Our display recommendation for freight lifts

The size of the display depends on which information is needed and in what size it should be depicted. For the depiction of the load in a freight lift, a LT-line display with a display size of 25,6 cm (10,1") can already be sufficient - as in the upper picture.