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CANopen-Lift Demonstrator2

The CANopen-Lift Demonstrator2 was developed for the attractive presentation of sensor data and functions of CANopen-lift-capable products and was exhibited for the first time at the Interlift 2015.

flexyPage Dispays on demonstration walls

Multimedial visualisation

The Demonstrator2 shows the functionality of CANopen-Lift components exemplary. It can be operated independently, which also makes it possible for the use in the own company. As a basis for visualisation, the flexyPage PRO boxed display controller is used. It has a CANopen interface, which enables the data and functions of the CANopen-Lift products to be animated and displayed in real-time. In addition, product information can be presented on the integrated display.

Display demonstration wall draft


The new CANopen-Lift Demonstrator2 offers a modern design and has been optimised for a relatively simple transport, set-up and dismantling. He impresses with a slim silhouette, uniform in modern white and has a ready-to-use screen design. The screen design provides space for the presentation of CANopen-Lift process data, logo as well as a product and company presentation.

CANopen-Lift Demonstrator Transportbox


The Demonstrator2 is delivered in a specially designed transport box. The transport box has 4 transport rollers, 4 hand grips and can be closed with butterfly locks. Dimensions of the transport box: width: 560 mm, length: 2070 mm, height: 565 mm (705 mm including rollers), weight: 68 kg (without column).

Demonstration of the Boxed controller


The integrated monitor is controlled via an HDMI interface using the integrated flexyPage Boxed Pro display controller. You can find information on the connections on the flexyPage PRO boxed product page.


Product data sheet

The Demonstrators2 are based on a visualisation of the CANopen-Lift components. The product data sheet and dimensional drawings are provided on CANopen-Lift.org.

Technical data


Height 198 cm
Width 50 cm
Depth 50 cm
Installtion depth inside 15 cm
Empty weight of the column 42 kg
Colour white powder-coated

Front panel under the display and back wall removable,
heavy lacquered steel base,
with bottom opening,
inside socket strip 3-way,
opening on the back with brush for cable entry.


Display 32“ (81,6 cm) 1920x1080 FullHD, Contrast 3000:1, LED back light, Use min. 16/7 
Óptional 32“ touch sensor
Supply voltage 230 VAC (internal 24 VDC can be provided optionally )
CANopen-Lift display controller flexyPage PRO boxed incl. standard layout